Jamize Olawale Authentic Jersey Testimonials | Haliburton Soccer Club


August 2018 … “I just wanted to send an email to you thanking our coaches. We spent the summer up at the cottage and I wasn’t too sure about signing the kids up as the soccer back home was always so horrible and disorganized. I figured for $25 I couldn’t expect too much but at least if it didn’t go well I wouldn’t be out too much.
All that said, although I had to drag my oldest out, he left [soccer] every week smiling and red faced. My younger guy had so much fun.
The organization from your club was way above what we experienced back home (and for a small fraction of the price). I also think the success of the season for my boys were the coaches. Andrew’s coach was Coach Trevor. Nathan had Coach Ben and Kyle, although there was another [coach Andrew] too. They were all fabulous! Beyond fabulous really. I can’t say enough good stuff about these guys. They made the soccer fun, and inclusive.
If you could please pass on my appreciation as we won’t see them next week, I would appreciate it as I know volunteering is often a thankless job.
Maybe we will be lucky and get up here again next summer.
Thanks so much!!
Amanda, Nathan and Andrew B”

July 2017 … “Could [my daughter] please be with coach Trevor again. She had him last year and really liked him.”