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What we are… What the HSClub does…

Futbol is fun Photo by Terrance Gavan

We are a not for profit club, dedicated to fair play in a convivial and fun atmosphere. If you are interested in helping out in any way please let us know.

We use the website for delivery of registration forms, news, special events and up to the minute changes in scheduling. In the event of a cancellation due to a thunderstorm we will get that up on the website and twitter at 5 pm on game day; so please keep this site bookmarked and check the homepage and twitter feed before you leave for the pitch.

We have been around since the late 90s. Here is a sample of how many people play:
2015/2016 season: 233 youths, 66 adults and 25 coaches
2016/2017 season: 188 youths, 88 adults and 25 coaches.
2017/2018 season: 189 youths, 54 adults and 33 coaches.

During the July-Aug. outdoor season, we play team co-ed on three fields that surround the schools complex in and around Haliburton High School, and sometimes at the Fish Hatchery pitch. If you pass a field with a big train and an even bigger plane please slow down and look for an entrance to the School fields. During May-June and in September we play informal co-ed outdoors.

After the mud, black fly, mosquito, and goose residue season has taken its toll, we are shrewd enough to abandon the outdoors and move indoors to avoid the drizzle, sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures, for our adult co-ed indoor season.

That is MY round bio-chem molecule …

Sam Itani is our past president.

Amy Klose was the president in between.

Sharon Dibblee was our first president.

Janet Bottum got this all rolling.

Terry Gavan is the webmaster and we welcomes all input and suggestions. Reach him at 705-328-1282 or on cell at 705-878-6371. Please email the executive via the Contacts Page