RULES & REGULATIONS & INFORMATION for Participants/Guardians/ Parents


$25 for outdoor Youth League

$35 for outdoor July-Aug Adult (includes May-June & Sept. pickup & winter indoor)

$07 per each outdoor July-Aug Adult game if only playing occasionally – requires permission

$15 for complete May-June & Sept. Adult outdoor pickup (free if playing July-Aug Adult)

$15 for Indoor (free if you paid $35 or more for your previous outdoor season’s adult package)


2. FEES received after May 31st, 2016: – $50 Youth – $70 July-Aug Adult


3. We are unable to refund money for players who withdraw. Fees are not transferable.


4. Youth and July-Aug Adult registration forms might not be accepted after May 31, 2014 at Executive discretion.



– Read/complete/sign/return our registration/waiver/liability release form and submit full payment before playing in any of our soccer programs.

– Parents/guardians of youths; 4 to 9 must stay on site for the duration of our sessions; 10 and upwards should stay on site for the duration of our sessions.

– Bring medical cards for participants (just in case!)

– Ensure participants are appropriately dressed: shorts, t-shirt, running shoes/cleats and shin guards.

– Shin guards are mandatory for everyone aged 8 and up.

– Please bring a supply of water. We have at least one water break, and more on hot or active nights.


6. Our club encourages fair play. We promote a positive learning environment for all. We expect players to be supportive of one another, concentrate on personal skill development and above all, have fun. Honest effort is more important than winning. If you learned something, had fun and tried your best… you won! Youth league skills are taught, and adult skills shared, in a stimulating, non-threatening, informal environment. Players may be suspended by the HSC Executive for failure to comply with HSC rules, regulations, By-laws or Constitution.


7. Players will be grouped by ability to ensure an appropriate challenge for all of our athletes. Although most youths will play in their age groups, some may be moved up or down to ensure that they are challenged and having fun.


8. For updates, forms and information, please visit our website


9. We are a not for profit volunteer club needing helping hands. If you are able to help out, please get in touch!


2016 Youth Soccer begins Tues. July 5th and runs for 9 sessions on Tues. nights from 6:15 pm to 7:10 pm at the Hatchery & to 7:15 pm everywhere else until Aug. 30th. Format is: 15 minute skills session and then a game.


2016 Adult outdoor May-June pickup soccer begins in April or May as soon as the fields are dry; It is at 6:30 pm.

July-Aug League takes over on Tue. July 5th at 7:30 pm (after youth soccer). The last July-Aug League play is on August 30th, and then outdoor pickup takes over in September and continues as weather permits. Indoor then takes over. All soccer is coed. All rules and regulations apply for all formats.


Questions? Contact us via our website

or (youth soccer):
email Andrea at
phone Andrea at 705-457-1740 ext 35.

or (adult formats): Tom via tomthebomb@bellnet