Return Your Jersey

Please return your jersey to:

  • any Thursday evening indoor soccer game,
  • to Dysart’s office,
  • or put it into Dysart’s drop box.
  • You may mail it if you now live far away. We will pay postage for the cheapest way to send it.

There are 16 jerseys that haven’t been returned. The non-profit, low budget HSClub would be hundreds of dollars further behind if those jerseys have to be replaced, not including the hassle of the replacement process. So, please get on with returning them.

White 9   Rob.B
White 11 M Cory.V
Gold 13 M Shain D
Gold 7 L Morgan G
Gold 10 M Paul.T
Gold 11 S Jamie.E
Green 9 S Vivian.C
Green 15 M Evgeny.K
Red 10 S ?
Blue 6 XL Kevin.S
Blue 11.1 XL Andrew.B
Blue 11 M Sam.L
Blue 16 M Josey.R
Silver 11 L Jamie.L
Silver 9 L ?

Author: Tom

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