Parent Handout

Welcome to the Haliburton Soccer Club Summer Youth League!

The HSClub promotes a positive environment. We expect players to be supportive of one another, concentrate on personal skill development and above all, have fun!

  • Youth season runs for 9 one hour sessions on every Tuesday in July and Aug. – weather permitting.
  • Generally the first 10-15 minutes will be skill developement. The rest is a game.
  • The youth teams , their schedule , and their field appear on the website in June.
  • Fees  are posted on our website.
  • Read our Weather Policy
  • All youth starts at 6:15 pm.

When thunder and lightning are imminent, the HSClub will make a youth league cancellation decision by 5:15 pm and post the cancellation to the website and twitter. If thunder or lightning occur while players are on the field, parents/guardians/coaches must immediately take their/the children off the field to a safe location. Nobody can go back onto the field until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning. It is up to parents/guardians to decide whether or not to wait out the delay.

Photo night is the third Tuesday in July. Please ensure your child is wearing their team shirt. Jen and Sharon take the team pictures. Team photos will be posted at for you to peruse and print. If you are missing you may submit your own picture.

Parents/Guardians must:

  • Register on-line.
  • Read, complete, sign and return a Registration/Waiver form with payment before any play.
  • Stay on site for the duration of HSClub sessions for ages 4/5, 6/7 and 8/9.
  • Bring medical cards for players.
  • Ensure players are appropriately dressed: shorts, team t-shirt, running shoes or soccer cleats. Shin guards are mandatory for everyone aged 8+.
  • Bring water. There’ll be at least one water break, and more on hot or very active nights.

Our club requires fair play and a positive experience for all. We expect players and spectators to be supportive of other players, refrain from negative comments, take turns, concentrate on improving personal skills and have fun. Honest effort is important. If your child learned something, had fun and tried their best they won irrespective of the score. Players may be suspended by the HSClub for failure to comply with Regulations, Waivers, or the ByLaws.

Players are grouped by ability to ensure an appropriate challenge. Although most will play in their actual age groups, some may be moved up or down to ensure that they are appropriately challenged and having fun. Youths must be entering into grade 10, at minimum, to be assessed for adult.

We are a not for profit volunteer community club in need of helping hands. If you are able to help out in any way, please get in touch! All club volunteers are entitled to one free registration, in the format of their choice, in youth or adult. Many thanks to our wonderful, volunteer, hero coaches.

For updates, forms and information, go to or the Contacts Page  and follow twitter @HaliburtonFooty

last revised July 23, 2018