Looks pretty but it can ruin your day!

Looks pretty but it can ruin your day!

Cancellation / Safety Procedure For Adult Soccer

We don’t cancel adult beforehand. Adults make their own decisions whether to come into town or not, with the understanding that it is mandatory to go safe for 30 minutes every time we hear thunder or see lightning.

Cancellation / Safety Procedure For Youth Soccer

It is mandatory to go safe for 30 minutes every time we hear thunder or see lightning.

Youth soccer is automatically cancelled whenever Environment Canada has a severe thunderstorm warning, or higher, in effect at 4:50 pm on a youth soccer evening. Heat issues are not included in the automatic cancellation.

We don’t cancel due to heat. Parents with children who struggle in the heat are encouraged to make their own decision whether to come or not. When it is hot, or humid, we take frequent water breaks and encourage you to drink fluids before and after the game to keep dehydration at bay. Google to find effective fluids.

When Environment Canada issues a severe thunderstorm watch for the evening of youth soccer, the President of the HSClub will make a decision at 5:00 pm to cancel or to proceed with youth soccer. That decision will be quickly posted on our website, be sent out via Twitter, and may be sent down other communication channels via the coaches. If no cancellation appears by 5:02 pm you may assume youth soccer is a go. It has happened that my Internet was down at 5 p.m. That will be obvious to you if I go silent. Use your own common sense in that situation.

Safety is our prime consideration. We make mistakes and learn from each one. Ideally those mistakes are based on erring on the side of safety. Nevertheless, things go wrong; but if you follow our rules you will be safer.

In 2017 all play moved to the schools – no more mad dashes from the Hatchery to the schools.

Additional Info

On any bad weather days please click the following. They help us to make youth cancellations.

Environment Canada Lightning Information

 Environment Canada Warning

Environment Canada Hourly Forecast

Real Time Lightning Strikes