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There is NO SPACE IN THE CURRENT INDOOR that is in progress to the beginning of May 2018. Unless you were a full fee outdoor player or a coach, you must go on a waiting list via register for indoor waiting list. 


2018 May onwards registration is live.

Click  Youth Registration 2018   or  Adult Registration 2018 

Please coach in 2018. Soccer experience is great;

but imagination and an enjoyment of hanging out with people trumps all.

Indoor is 6:45 to 9 p.m. (9:30 for large / late turnouts)

nearly every Thursday to April, 2018 plus the 1st Thursday in May.

Thanks Jen and Sharon for the great 2017 youth and adult pictures.

The youth team pictures are on each age group’s team page – the one you used to find out which team you were on at first play. Please find each via the Youth Teams 2017  page. The adult team pictures are on the Adult Teams 2017  page. The adult action shots are on the Pics 2017  page. All of those pages are also on the main menu.

Jen’s full set of full size original pictures can be temporarily found via Jen’s Originals . That page will eventually expire; so download any that you want to keep. It is a big file.

We are unpaid volunteers. We do a lot of visible and hidden work, because we care about soccer and our community. Please help us!

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