Indoor Soccer

Pic is courtesy of Michael Issaev


NO SOCER: Feb 22, Mar 15, or school holidays.
NO soccer on “snow” days.
We end at 9. Large or late turnouts make it 9:30.
May’s first Thursday is the last indoor.

Please scroll down to find two tables, and read the Wall Danger Protocol on the way.

Please click here on  Schedule. 

In progress INDOOR IS FULL. Except for coaches and 2017 outdoor players, your only option is to go on an indoor waiting list via register for indoor waiting list.

Existing outdoor registrations are easily updated to indoor with a tick of the indoor box. Ask Tom for your outdoor form. All HSClub coaches and full fee players may play indoor for free.

Snow days are announced on this TLDSB  page. Indoor is generally only cancelled when the Haliburton school buses are cancelled. Follow the School Board to receive immediate cancellation tweets.

Concussions are abstract until you get one. Don’t. Current research indicates each one takes a toll.


Like the boards in hockey, walls are danger areas in soccer. When you are running at full speed towards a wall you could end up paralyzed if tripped. Hence you are required to observe the following protocol:

  • When running towards a wall and a ball within 2.5 metres of the wall, the person in front gets the ball uncontested.
  • The person in front must slow up.
  • The chasing players must slow up and make no contact.
  • You should put up your hands to protect yourself.
  • Once you are all stable and relatively stationary, with your bodies close to the wall, you may compete for possession.
  • To keep players going full speed towards the net safer, the nets must be positioned away from the wall, with space behind. 

Please check beside your name in the following tables and take care of anything outstanding.

Indoor Player 42 Reg 35 Came To Do
AmandaL Yes Yes  
AndrewF Yes Yes  
AndrewM Yes  Yes  
AndreyK Yes  Yes  
AngelaA Yes  Yes  
AngusS Yes Yes  
BentonB No Yes  Signature & $15
BenS Yes Yes  
CalebS Yes Yes  
CarlosO Yes Yes  
ChaseT Yes Yes  
ChristinaC Yes    
DanP Yes Yes  
DarrenL Yes Yes  
DarrenP Yes Yes  
DougP Yes    
EmilyK Yes    
EricN-K Yes    
ErinS Yes Yes  $15
EvgenyK Yes  Yes  
HasanW Yes    
JacobH No Yes  Update form to indoor
JamieM Yes Yes  
JaneG Yes Yes  
JanH Yes Yes  
JasmineM Yes Yes  
JennE Yes Yes  
JonasM Yes Yes  
JustinP Yes Yes  
KyleB Yes    
LucasH No Yes  Update form to indoor
LutzH Yes Yes  
MarkP Yes Yes  
MelissaT No Yes  Signature & $15
MichaelI Yes Yes  
NicoH Yes Yes  
SamI Yes    
ScottD Yes Yes  
ThomasM Yes Yes  $15
TomT Yes Yes  
Tim??? Can    
???Kalashnikov Can    

Player Return


? Red 10 S
? Silver 9 L
AndrewB Green 7
JamieL Silver 11 L
JoseyR Blue 16
MorganG Gold 7
PaulT Gold 10
RobB White 9
ShainD Gold 13

Author: Tom

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