Pic is courtesy of Michael Issaev

to the 1st week in May,
except holidays or snow days.

Please scroll down to find the two tables.

  • For scheduled play info please click here on  Schedule. 
  • Click here on indoor form , if you are not registered and need to bring the completed form and $15 to your first indoor play. Please also  register on-line.
  • Your outdoor registration is easily updated to indoor with a tick of the indoor box. Ask Tom for your form. All coaches and full fee players may play indoor for free.
  • Snow days are announced as a red banner moving across this  page. Indoor is generally only cancelled when the Haliburton school buses are cancelled. Follow the School Board to receive immediate cancellation tweets.
  • The walls are a danger area like the boards in hockey. Put your hands up to protect your head and neck. Don’t trip or push anyone in or near the danger area as they can break their neck if they awkwardly crash into a wall.
  • Concussions are abstract until you get one. Don’t. Current research indicates each one takes a toll.

Tom needs to clean up the indoor records, collect the missing jerseys, and get a handle on indoor attendance. Please check beside your name in the following tables and take care of anything outstanding. Thank you!

Indoor Player Reg’d Played Action Required
AmandaL Yes Yes  
BenS No   Update Registration to Indoor.
CarlosO Yes Yes Return jersey.
ChaseT Yes Yes  
ChristinaC Yes    
DanP No Yes Update Registration to Indoor.
DarrenP Yes    
DougP Yes   Return jersey.
EmilyK Yes    
EricNK Yes   Still in Haliburton? Coming?
HasanW Yes   Coming to Indoor?
JamieM Yes Yes  
JanH No Yes Update Registration to Indoor.
JustinP Yes Yes  
KyleB Yes   Coming to Indoor?
MarkP Yes Yes  
MichaelI Yes  Yes Coming to Indoor?
NicoH Yes Yes  
SamI Yes   Coming to Indoor?
ScottD Yes Yes  
TimT Yes   Coming to Indoor?
TomT Yes Yes  

Player Return


? Green 7 M
? Red 10 S
? Silver 9 L
BrianH Red 3
CarlosO Red 8
ClaireK Gold 15
DougP Green 13
JacobM Red 13
JamieE White 12
JamieL Silver 11 L
JoseyR Blue 16
MorganG Gold 7
PaulT Gold 10
RobB White 9
ShainD Gold 13