Indoor Page


  • Indoor starts on October 4th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. and runs to early May.
  • NO SOCCER on school holidays, or “snow” days.
  • Please click here on  Schedule. 

Soccer is automatically cancelled when the Haliburton school buses are cancelled for weather. Follow the School Board on Twitter. Do a Google search.

Concussions are abstract until you get one. Don’t. Research indicates each one takes a toll.

WALL DANGER PROTOCOL: Walls are danger areas. Get tripped running at full speed towards a wall, you could end up paralyzed. Hence:

  • Within 2.5 metres of the wall, the person in front, running towards a wall, gets the ball uncontested.
  • The person in front must slow up.
  • The chasing players must slow up and make no contact.
  • Put up your hands to protect yourself.
  • Once stable and relatively stationary, with your bodies close to the wall, you may compete for possession.
  • Nets must be positioned away from the wall, with space behind.