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Indoor Page

No soccer on Nov. 15th. It was cancelled by the TLDSB due to a school event.

You have to be paid up and registered to play indoor. Check Your Status. 

Youth coaches, the most important part of the HSClub, are always welcome.

You have to fill out Coming To Indoor before the beginning of each indoor month and keep it up to date. If you don’t, the HSClub has no option but to assume that you have dropped out and to remove you from the indoor registration files.

Soccer is not able to benefit from insurance provided to other Community Use Of Schools sports such as basketball. That is unfair; but it is also the way it is. Many of you who play other evening sports mistakenly think that you can just drop in to soccer as you do to them. You can’t. We have a private insurance provider who requires us to keep a signed registration form on file for every player. We can be audited at any time. If the audit shows a deficiency our insurance is void. Our insurance is much more expensive than basketball’s, for instance; so you have to pay with money, or by coaching youth soccer. The other sports generally don’t need to keep a registration list. Youth coaches are always welcome.

  • Indoor starts on October 4th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. and runs to early May.
  • NO SOCCER on school holidays, or “snow” days.
  • Please click here on  Schedule. 

  • Soccer is automatically cancelled when the Haliburton school buses are cancelled for weather. Follow the School Board on Twitter. Do a Google search.

  • Concussions are abstract until you get one. Don’t. Research indicates each one takes a toll.

WALL DANGER PROTOCOL: Walls are danger areas. Get tripped running at full speed towards a wall, you could end up paralyzed. Hence:

  • Within 2.5 metres of the wall, the person in front, running towards a wall, gets the ball uncontested.
  • The person in front must slow up.
  • The chasing players must slow up and make no contact.
  • Put up your hands to protect yourself.
  • Once stable and relatively stationary, with your bodies close to the wall, you may compete for possession.
  • Nets must be positioned away from the wall, with space behind.