We fill up in many formats; so register and pay on time. When we are full you will not get a spot.

Youth (Anyone under 18, whether playing in youth or in adult):

  • Youths have to be entering grade ten in September at minimum, and be assessed by the HSClub, to be eligible for adult play.
  • $25 if registering and paying before April 30th
  • $50 after April 30th. – except if your whole family is completely new to the HSClub.
  • Youth play is only in July and August.

Adult (Anyone 18 or over):

  • $15 for October to April indoor
  • $15 for any or all of: May, June or September outdoor pickup
  • $35 if registering and paying for July and Aug outdoor teams ($70 after April 30th)
  • $35 if registering and paying for July and Aug teams and any or all of: indoor, May, June, September pickup ($70 after April 30th)
  • $7 per game if you are granted permission
  • Fee double exceptions are only for families, all of whose members, are new to the HSClub. In other words, once your family knows about the April 30th date, no one in that family can plead ignorance. Procrastination? Yes; but that won’t garner any sympathy.