Check Status

The table shows the status of indoor players for 2018 – 2019.

  • Coaches are always welcome to play indoor. Contact Tom.
  • If you notice a mistake, please let Tom know.
  • A bold italic Yes means you registered for indoor online; but still need to submit your paper form.
  • If you don’t fill out Coming To Indoor before the beginning of each month, and keep it up to date, you are indicating that you have dropped out and are at risk to be removed from the HSClub indoor registration files.

No soccer on Nov. 15th – cancelled due to a school function.

Nov – 15 Nov Nov      
cancelled 22 29      
      Player Paid Reg’d
6 7 7      
      Andrew.F Coach Yes
cancelled Yes Yes Andrew.M Yes Yes
      Andrey.K Yes Yes
      Ben.J Yes Yes
cancelled Yes Yes Carlos.O Yes Yes
      Chris.C Coach Yes
      Chris.D No Yes
      Daniel.P Yes Yes
cancelled ? ? Darren.L Yes Yes
      Darren.P Yes Yes
      Douglas.P Yes Yes
      Evgeny.K Coach Yes
      Hassan.W No No
      Jacob.H Yes Yes
cancelled Yes Yes Jan.H Yes Yes
      Jason.K Coach Yes
      Jonas.M Yes Yes
  Yes Yes Justin.P Yes Yes
      Karl.W Yes Yes
      Kyle.B Coach Yes
      Lucas.H Yes Yes
      Michael.I Yes Yes
      Mike.B Yes Yes
cancelled Yes Yes Nico.H Yes Yes
      Shawn.N No No
      Thomas.M Yes Yes
cancelled Yes Yes Tom.T Yes Yes
      Trevor.K Coach No