Check Status

The table shows who registered and paid online so far. I only check in with Andrea (Dysart office) every now and then; so if you sent them, your paper forms and cheque/cash payment are probably there. The table will eventually get updated!

  • We are full in some age groups, close to full in others. If you haven’t paid and submitted your paper form by May 31st you could lose your spot or have to pay double.
  • Paid up players are highlighted in green. A red highlight means there is a problem with your registration.
  • If you notice a mistake, please let me (Tom) know.
  • Can’t find your name? Please look in higher or lower age groups.
64 Maximums 48 30 20 12 Maximums 60
8 Spaces left 16 FULL FULL 3 Spaces left 18
      Updated: 10:21 PM May 24, 18    
56   32 31 21 9   42
4~5 4~5 6~7 8~9 10~12 13~+ Adult Adult
Andrew.Bi Hudson.B Adiya.M Alexis.D Avery.M Ben.C-W Andrew.B Justin.P
Anika.S Isaac.F Alexander.L Alivia.B (Tate) (Campbell) Andrew.F Karl.W
Arianna.H Jax.B Andrew.Be Austin.B Caleb.M Evan.S Andrew.M Kelsey.D
Avery.B Jonathan.F Anika.W Callum.F Carter.A Liah.G Andrey.K Kevin.S
Beau.G Keetyn.M Anneke.O Cameron.W Carter.S Logan.M Ben.J Kyle.B
Ben.W Kenna.R Ayla.D Coltyn.B Colton.F Makenna.R Ben.Sc Lucas.H
Breann.R Kieran.W Brooklyn.B Cora.B Damon.M Scott.K Bri.Q Mark.P
Bristol.W Kolby.H Charlotte.W Emma.Mc Davidson.B Thomas.M Carlos.A.O Melissa.B
Calvin.B Lainey.M Chloe.W Eric.M Dominick.H Will.B Chris.D Michael.I
Carter.K Liam.W Duncan.E-F Ethan.U Emma.T   Christina.C Mike.B
Carter.O Lucy.B Evelyn.W Fallon.T Evan.B   Cory.V Nelcia.K
Charlie.R-B Mackenzie.F Gavin.S Gideon.B Graham.B   Dan.P Quinlan.McP
Chase.P Madison.F Grayson.C Grace.O Hayden.T   Darren.P Ryan.E
Chloe.Z Michael.D Hannah.S Harrison.W James.H   Erik.T Thomas.Mc
Claire.R Miles.T Jack.R-B Isaac.B Lara.G   Evgeny.K Tom.T
Connor.I Mya.B Jacob.M Ivy.T Lily.M   Garrett.McP Tony.P
Cooper.S Natalee.M Jasmine.W Jadyn.H Madie.B   George.P Valerie.A
Declan.B Nathan.H Jozef.P Jennifer.U Nate.B   Jacob.H Vivian.C
Dominic.B Olivia.E Kaleb.T Katelyn.A Nathan.B   Jacob.M Wendy.H
Edison.B Owen.T Keira.D Kyle.A Sadie.E-F   Jamie.E  
Emma.B Parker.S Levi.R Lincoln.B Samuel.Mc   Jan.H  
Emma.H Ryan.F Liam.F Maelle.R     Jenn.E  
Erin.Mc Sawyer.Ba Louen.L Maxime.L     Jonas.M  
Ethan.R-B Slais.R Lyla.S Nicholas.M        
Everett.B Soyer.Br Mathew.M Oliver.R        
Everly.E Walker.Ba Michael.S Rachel.F        
Ewelina.P   Myla.B Ryan.K        
Fynnley.M   Patrick.V Sienna.B        
Harlowe.B   Rachel-Ann.S Thomas.A        
Hartlee.R   Sena.R Toby.P        
    Travis.R Wesley.S