August 2018 Adult

It has become pointless to have set adult teams and a set schedule. Injuries, poor attendance, other commitments, and a lack of commitment have made a set format impossible.

  • August teams will quickly be made just before 7:30 kick off each Tuesday.
  • No new jerseys will be given out. If you already have one – wear it.
  • If you don’t have a jersey bring a white and a dark top. Blue and green are best in the dark category. Grey is confusing. Don’t bring it.
  • Four lines will form at 7:25 sharp heading from the bleachers towards centre field: green, blue, gold and white.
  • Go into the line of the colour you have on. Join hands with the person on either side of you in the next line over. Stay there holding hands. Listen.
  • Tony and I will adjust the back of the lines to make even teams. You are holding hands so that we don’t have to count over and over again. We will tell you to change tops or give you a pinny or a T-shirt; which you must return right after play for me to wash. Arguing will cut into everyone’s playing time.
  • The days are shortening. There is no conspiracy in this system. It has to be fast.
  • We will announce which two teams play on the Brohman; which two go to the Field Hockey pitch; or which team pairs combine to make two Brohman teams.

When you guys play on the Field Hockey Pitch you have no trouble policing yourselves without a referee. Issues get solved very quickly. When you guys play on the Brohman with a referee you emulate the pros on television and argue or grumble ad nauseum on just about every call, especially the off sides.

You aren’t a pro, and the offside infraction will not be in use on the Brohman anymore unless two of you, who know what they are doing, are sideline officials to help Tony. The word help implies Tony has the last word. You can rotate / share doing the job during the game. Tony will give you a flag.

Tony is happy to explain any call after the game. During the game we want to get on with it. We don’t have VAR; so there is no way Tony will change any call. That would make his authority untenable. So stop arguing and grumbling. Take ownership.


Author: Tom

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