Adult Teams 2018

The 2018 teams and their pairings are below.

  • I’m too busy to place part time players each week. Look at the teams, make a logical decision in consultation with older players, based on: attendance, team balance, and fields.
  • Part time players may borrow a jersey just before they play, and then give it back inside out right after play. I will take a picture of you and your jersey. Please come early to the Brohman before I disappear to another field.
  • I’ll continue loaning out full time jerseys on June 28th. Return them inside out after last team play on August 28th, or your last team play; whichever comes first.
  • It is very unpleasant for me to chase jerseys that aren’t returned. Do that to me and the unpleasantness transfers..
  July   Brohman     Swamp    
  3   Green vs Gold   Blue vs White  
  10   Blue vs Gold   Green vs White  
  17   Blue vs Green   Gold vs White  
  24   Blue vs White   Green vs Gold  
  31   Green vs White   Blue vs Gold  
  Aug   Brohman     Swamp    
  7   Gold vs White   Blue vs Green  
  14   Green vs Gold   Blue vs White  
  21   Blue vs Green   Gold vs White  
  28   Green vs White   Blue vs Gold  



  Join a team that needs you each week.          
  Full time if missing 2 July-Aug Tuesdays or less          
  Part time if missing 3 or more          
  Andrew.M Are you f/t or p/t ?        
  Brian.H yes        
  Emily.K Are you f/t or p/t ?        
  Emma.H yes        
  Erik.T yes        
  Kyle.H yes        
  Michael.I yes        
  Tom.T yes        
  Green     Blue    
14 Ben.S     Andrew.B    
  Douglas.P     Hannah.K    
  Evgeny.K     Jan.H    
  George.P   6 Kevin.S    
  Karl.W     Lucas.H    
7 Kelsey.D     Mark.P    
  Kyle.B     Melissa.B    
12 Mike.B     Nelcia.K    
  Valerie.A     Jack.C    
  Vivian.C   9 Thomas.Mc    
  Gold     White    
5 5 Daniel.P     Andrew.F    
8 Andrey.K     Cory.V    
4 Ben.J     Jacob.H    
2 Carlos.O     Jacob.M    
  Garrett.Mc   15 Jenn.E    
  Jamie.E     Jessica.B    
  Maya.M   13 Justin.P    
  Nico.H   14 Ryan.E    
  Peter.M     Trevor.K    
  Roger.A     Wendy.H