8~9 Group 2018

Your field has been changed to the Brohman!

Ages 8 & 9 play 6:15 to 7:15 pm on The Brohman Sports Field at HHSS, beside the plane and the train. Drive cautiously. Watch for children.

8~9 Coaches:

  • Please get your balls and nets from the Brohman shed before every play, and return them there after every play.
  • The 13+ group will be in the Brohman end zone. Please co-ordinate with Chris, their coach.
  • The smaller you make the games, the more players get to touch the ball.

G21 Coach John
G21 Callum.F
G21 Daniel.S
G21 Grace.O
G21 Katelyn.A
G21 Oliver.R
G21 Rachel.F
G21 Sienna.B
G21 Thomas.A
G21 Toby.P
OR22 Coach Andrew.B
OR22 Alivia.B
OR22 Austin.B
OR22 Eric.M
OR22 Harrison.W
OR22 Ivy.T
OR22 Jennifer.U
OR22 Lincoln.B
OR22 Maelle.R
OR22 Wesley.S
R23 Coach Nelica
R23 Alexis.D
R23 Coltyn.B
R23 Ethan.U
R23 Fallon.T
R23 Jadyn.H
R23 Kyle.A
R23 Nicholas.M
R23 Ryan.K
24 Coach Andrea.L
24 Coach Emily.K
24 Coach Hannah
24 Cameron.W
24 Cora.B
24 Emma.Mc
24 Gideon.B
24 Greyson.V
24 Isaac.B
24 Julia.N
24 Maxime.L
24 Ruby.M