4~5 Group 2018

Ages 4 & 5 play 6:15 to 7:10 pm at the SBE / JDH schools, across the road from the Haliburton Village Medical Centre and Hospital. Park at either school’s parking lot. Drive cautiously. Watch for children.

4~5 Coaches, unless we get storage at SBES / JDH:

  • Please take your team balls home every week, or bring them to the Brohman shed at the high school field and then pick them up the following week. Please do the same with collapsible nets.
  • If you have a non-collapsible net that won’t fit into your vehicle then please leave it at the end of the field, by the JDH parking lot, for pickup by my truck. I’ll return them to the pickup spot, just before the next play, from the Brohman shed.
  • If you will be away the next week be sure to make suitable equipment arrangements!
  • Thanks … Tom

  Wandering Coach: Hayley
  Wandering Coach: Holly
B1 Coach Benton
B1 Andrew.B
B1 Avery.B
B1 Beau.G
B1 Breann.R
B1 Gavin.S
B1 Isobel.B
B1 Ryan.F
B1 Soyer.B
G2 Coach Lutz
G2 Carter.K
G2 Charlie.R-B
G2 Chloe.Z
G2 Claire.R
G2 Connor.I
G2 Emma.H
G2 Ethan.R-B
G2 Grayson.T
Y7 Coach Stepahanie
Y7 Coach Danielle
Y7 Cooper.S
Y7 Declan.B
Y7 Emma.B
Y7 Everly.E
Y7 Ewelina.P
Y7 Liam.W
Y7 Mackenzie.F
Y7 Madison.F
P4 Coach Nicole
P4 Bristol.W
P4 Dominic.B
P4 Fynnley.M
P4 Hartlee.R
P4 Hudson.B
P4 Jax.B
P4 Keetyn.M
R5 Coach Jack
R5 Chase.P
R5 Isaac.F
R5 Kenna.R
R5 Kieran.W
R5 Lainey.M
R5 Lucy.B
R5 Nathan.H
T6 Coach Jamie
T6 Harlowe.B
T6 Michael.D
T6 Miles.T
T6 Mya.Ba
T6 Olivia.E
T6 Owen.T
T6 Parker.S
OR3 Coach Maggie
OR3 Calvin.B
OR3 Edson.B
OR3 Kolby.H
OR3 Natalee.M
OR3 Sawyer.B
OR3 Slais .R
OR3 Walker.B
G8 Coach Jason
G8 Arianna.H
G8 Ben.W
G8 Carter.O
G8 Da****.B
G8 Erin.Mc
G8 Everett.Bj
G8 Jonathan.F
G8 Mason.M