10~12 Group 2018

Your field has been changed to the Field Hockey Pitch!

Ages 10, 11 & 12, play 6:15 to 7:15 pm on the Haliburton High School’s Field Hockey Pitch. It is semi hidden and is the second field in from the plane and the train. Drive cautiously. Watch for children.

10~12 Coaches:

  • Please get your balls and nets from the Brohman shed before every play.
  • Please leave the balls there for the adult game that follows your session.
  • Please return the nets to the Brohman shed.

  Wandering Coach Pablo
G31 Coach Andrew.F
G31 Avery.M
G31 Colton.F
G31 Damon.M
G31 Davidson.B
G31 Dominick.H
Y32 Evan.B
Y32 Graham.B
G31 Lara.G
G31 Madie.B
G31 Tate.S
Y32 Coach Kyle
Y32 Coach Ben
Y32 Caleb.M
Y32 Carter.A
Y32 Carter.S
Y32 Emma.T
Y32 Hayden.T
Y32 James.H
G41 Kaelin.V
Y32 Nate.B
Y32 Nathan.B
Y32 Sadie.E-F
Y32 Samuel.Mc